Kebab Nights on run up to New Year 
Wednesday – Sat 5-11pm



Papa Ganoush is ran by brother & sister team Tom & Sarah.

Focussing strongly on small plates inspired by the eclectic restaurant scene of Tel Aviv, our philosophy is one of diversity in flavour and seasonal where possible. We are not fusion.

With an ever evolving menu, our idea is to create a cosy space to enjoy a variety of flavour focussed dishes that will always evolve with each visit.

As we enter our almost 12 years of Papa Ganoush, we want to thank all our customers past and present for accepting us at each rebirth and evolution of our love for cooking food.

Sarah & Tom


Papa Ganoush was founded in 2012 as a street food stand by Son and Father; Tom and Tim joined by daughter Sarah in 2017.

After 6 years of travelling Midlands to Scotland and everywhere between doing events, weddings and festivals we took the plunge and opened our first restaurant in Whitley Bay, an informal dining restaurant focusing on small plates and quality fresh cooking with a mediterranean vibe and a nod to the Middle East. We had some great successes, mainly winning Informal Dining of the year by Living North, A cracking review from non other than the secret diner, Our falafel was voted 2nd best in the UK by Lunch Quest and we also had a mention in BBC Good Food for “amongst the best falafel in the UK’ its been fun !

2020 has been a whirlwind of emotion, seeing lockdown, closure of the business and an uncertainty of what lay ahead – we did what we do best and came together as a family and from the ashes an almost new and improved Papa Ganoush has been born.. We were able to focus and expand our business into wholesale and takeaway, then of course we welcomed people back into Whitley Bay for dine in of our small plates menu.

​This has not been possible without the incredible support of our customers over the years, thank you 

PG x



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